Our Story | About Us

Hey! My name's Aurella (artisan and creator of Aurora Souls). Spirituality and Bohemian art has always been an essential part of my life, so I wanted to share my passion of creating beautiful and meaningful pieces with others. 

All our Jewelry, items and unique pieces are based around the crystal, tarot and bohemian life, hence they all feature little pieces of inspiration from those communities - be it a Crystal Suncatcher, bohemian pants or beautiful tarot necklaces...

All our pieces are meticulously hand crafted with the whole theme of the crystal and bohemian lifestyle. The materials and pieces we create is very close to our hearts, and we believe they capture the essence of our creativity and passion.

So why Aurora Souls? If you've ever heard of the Aurora Borealis lights (northern lights), it's truly like you aren't on earth, so we wanted to re-enact that feeling with our customers, therefore when you receive an art piece we wanted the experience to feel magical and unforgettable.

Our aim has always been to merge quality, creativity, and passion together, and we believe that our pieces will bring inspiration to your own unique journey as you follow your passions and dreams.

From our beautiful souls to yours,


- Aurora Souls - 🤍